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Angry Bird RIO APK is a fantastic game available for the android platform. The game is very interesting and fun to play. You have to release as many birds from the cage
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The users are always looking for new games to play on their android devices and the best thing is that they manage to find new apps. The new era of technology has got new ways of entertainment and online games like pubg, GTA, and candy crush are massively popular among the masses. One of the top games is the Angry Bird Rio APK with spectacular gameplay and terrific graphics. You can play the game with a basic theme in Rio De Janerio a famous city in brazil. Angry Bird is not a new game and it is downloaded successfully with 100 Million downloads worldwide.

angry bird rio apk

The angry birds Rio is another edition of the famous angry birds gaming franchise with worldwide players ready to play the game. The majority of gamers love to play the game due to its excellent graphics and very clean interface. You will be surprised to see the whole different set of levels in angry bird Rio version 2.6.13 with unlimited fun. If you are looking to play some exciting games try the ludo star apk a fun board game to play.

angry bird rio free

Have you ever tried the magical angry birds game on your smartphones? The game is not only magical but surely rejoices you and relive the ongoing stress. We here present you the angry birds Rio apk on your smart devices and the best thing is the game is free of cost.

How to score points in Angry Birds RIO APK?

The new gamers might fail to score points but the added experience will lead to more points and runs. You need to acquire the sling scope and laser power potion to proceed to the next level in the game. The mighty eagle is the lead bird to release the eggs from grumpy pigs and that not only helps you to move to the next level but, you can score more points.

Are Angry Birds RIO Free of Cost?

The only version of the Angry game you don’t have to spend a penny on is the angry birds Rio. All you need is a fast internet connection and a working android phone and you can install the game instantly without spending a penny.

Gameplay of Angry Bird RIO

The gameplay is quite fascinating for all of us and not all can easily go through with the pigs and score points as you have to shoot the angry birds to destroy the blocks. Every passing level is very interesting for gamers and this time you have to release the birds in the city of RIO in Brazil. Brazil is the centre point of this generation with all of the skills and touches one has to help get free the caged birds.  Each level becomes tougher and tougher and that makes the gamer inclined more towards the game.

The gameplay involves the release of eggs from the prison of pigs and you have to destroy the blocks with your aiming power. The eggs of the birds are in the possession of pigs who stole these eggs from the nests of the birds. Now the birds need to fight back against these pigs and release their eggs with their firepower

Features of Angry Bird RIO APK

Unlimited Levels

Are you feeling boredom with more than 400 levels in the angry birds Rio APK you can easily play the game? The game gets challenging and sticks users to clear the next level. The best thing about the game is the extra ravishing graphics and spectacular gameplay. if you install the game it will make you play the game for the next couple of months indeed.


The best thing about the game is that its popularity is massive. The game is very much played in each corner of the planet. You can see the massive numbers of downloads and more than 100M fans downloaded games from the play store only.

Chose the Birds

If you want thrill and adventure with the angry birds Rio choose your bird and defeat the enemies with extraordinary slingshots. The added benefits are the variety of characters and adventurous spots to have in the game. A fun way to create an impact is by scoring as many points as you want. The only thing the online gamers seeks is diversity and funny thing is that more than 1 bird to shoots the glass cages and releases the flocks.

angry bird rio download

Amazing Flight Skills

You can showcase your amazing flight skills by playing the angry birds apk on your latest mobile phone. The extra belief one must have is to aim the blocks with accuracy and then release the fellow birds to free. In the meantime, if you failed to achieve you can practice it and show the world about these things

Unlock the hidden boxes

You can unlock the hidden strengths in the boxes that will not only improve your game but help in scoring runs. The latest version of the angry bird Rio apk is available for download on your latest mobile phone. The player will boost their scores by smashing the glass boxes with the correct aims.

Add Strength

If you want to add strength to free the birds that are in the cage. The main characters of the game are Blu and Jewel that are determined to free all of the birds in the cage. The game will turn into excitement when you drink the power potion and this will lead to more cages being broken. You can score maximum points and invite your friends also to have a healthy competition.


The power potion is a handy thing one must be looking at and this will turn your fragile flock into a mighty bird that helps you to free up the eggs from the pig’s control. The potion may be available free sometimes but in the majority, you need to buy it by spending some bucks.

angry bird rio playstore

Design the Look Of your bird

Are you an artistic person you got an amazing opportunity to design the overall layout of your bird. You are now in control of your flock and with a single slingshot, your aiming power will torment the castle of pigs. You can show your creativity by empowering the layout of your pigs with amazing hats. The birds will look mesmerizing with the chirping sound to release their eggs.

angry bird rio 2 apk

Are angry birds Rio safe to play?

Angry Bird Rio APK in fact is safe to play for kids. You can recommend this game to parents who are worried about action games and indeed the game is best suitable for teens and growing kids.

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