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Zombie Catcher is a game where you are given a full command to hunt, kill or sell the vital organs of zombies. The flesh and blood of zombies are now is your new business to start with
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Zombie Catcher APK

Zombies are the mysterious creatures that you found in literature and media industries. You have seen many hit films related to zombies and people love to watch these sorts of films. You might find some sort of games related to zombies and zombie creature is one of them. The astonishing thing about the zombie catcher apk game is that you won’t have to fear these horrific beings. The main plot of the game is to catch the zombies that are terrifying the general public. Your main role is to make sure of public safety.

The lovely thing about the game is that you won’t be bored due to spectacular gameplay and promising features like weapons to hunt zombies. Deca Games are famous for publishing games based on the interest of the general audience.  The developers have done a very spectacular job in developing games that are praised by audiences throughout the world. The theme of the zombie catcher apk is quite different from the traditional game. The name suggests that your job is to hunt down the deadly creatures.

zombie catcher apk

Gameplay of Zombie Catchers APK

The gameplay of zombie catchers got into a very filmy situation when zombies are no longer a threat to people. You are given the role of zombie hunter where the issue is to do hunting of scattered zombies throughout the land. The situation gets amazing when the public at large drinks and eats stuff made up of zombies. The public won’t know about they are eating or drinking juices made up by zombies. The idea to hunt down the zombies was given by AJ and Bud two aliens scientist that devised the mechanism of killing zombie creatures.

If you haven’t heard about the zombie creatures then for simpler explanation zombies are the species that are infected by deadly viruses and become flesh eaters. The alien beings tried to make the zombies for their business purposes. The juice made up of zombie blood is very popular among aliens and it leads to a successful business. You can eat as many Zombies to score more points in your game. Zombie Catchers is an entertaining thriller for all of the mobile gaming geeks.

zombie catcher apk download

Features of Zombies Catchers APK

Exciting Game

If you are looking for recommendations about exciting games then zombie catchers android game is perfect to start with. You start spending as much time playing the games because you are involved in the game completely. The fantastic thing about the zombie catcher download apk is that you never feel bored while playing the game. The zombie game is in fact one of the most exciting games to play.

Splendid Graphics

The graphics of the game are of unmatched quality. The major reason user love to play the game is due to the splendid graphics and the theme of the game. You will certainly love to play the game due to its graphics and overall look. If you love to play games with great graphics, you will certainly like the dragon city apk. The dragon city game is full of cute dragons stranded on the island fighting for food. You can breed them and raise them and allow them to be strong enough to win a fight.

Free of cost

You might find many games that are interesting and popular on Internet but the bottleneck is that you have to pay a hefty amount in purchasing the game. Not in the case of zombie catchers because the game is very much exciting and the crazy thing is that the game is free of cost. The latest version of zombie catchers is available on the google play store. The basic version of the game is free and if you want to buy some sort of items like weapons and skins then you have to buy coins or pay some bucks.


The zombie catcher is indeed a smart choice to spend your spare time with. Most of the time due to our busy routine we don’t have time to enjoy ourselves. Whenever during weekends or during the summer break you need some sort of excitement to pass your weekends. Zombie catchers


The weapon to finish the zombies in the game is a harpoon. You can throw hooks and pointed arrows at the zombie creatures and clear your path. The only thing to worry about is obstructing animals coming your way. You need to be careful because when the obstructing animals come to your way they might cause you to paralyze for some seconds your zombies might finish you. The only way to avoid this is by pointing the harpoon at these animals.

zombie catcher apk free download


The currency to buy stuff and weapons is plutonium and it is very difficult to earn plutonium. Experienced gamers that are passionate about gaming not only earn plutonium and can buy potential weapons to minimize the population of these zombie creatures.


You learn the art of exploration while playing the game. The game is really inspirational for those who tend to travel the world. You have to move certain places to hunt down the zombies.

zombie catcher apk 2022

Remove the Evils

You can remove the evil zombies so they won’t affect the public at large. When you start playing the game you will love it due to the hunting of zombies.

Understand Business

The zombie catcher apk will undoubtedly help you to understand business. You can positively make money by playing the game.

Best for Teens and Elderly

The game is indeed not made for kids only ever elderly love to play the game. The zombie catcher game is definitely popular worldwide.


Can you download Zombie Catchers?

The latest version of zombies catchers is available on our website to download. You can check for the compatibility of the zombie catchers game for your mobile devices. The smartphones with android 5.0 or higher are compatible to install the zombie catchers game. If you want to download the older version of the game then you can search for the version and install it on your phone.

Is Zombie Catchers offline?

The zombie catcher isn’t an offline game and you need to play the game with the availability of the internet. The exciting thing about the game is that you don’t require high-speed Internet to play the game.

How do you play zombie catcher?

The game starts after the zombie apocalypse and zombies are now looking for places to hide. Apart from this, your role is to catch and target the zombies so that they won’t grow in numbers.

Are Zombie Catchers for kids?

The zombie catcher game isn’t for kids below the age of 12. Individuals aged more than 12 can definitely play the zombie catcher game

How to download the game?

You can download firstly by clicking on the download button and with a wait of 5 seconds game will download automatically. Furthermore, the game is secure and clean to install.

How to install the game?

You can obviously install the game by simply allowing the phone security option to install the game.

Final Thoughts

Zombie Catcher APK is in fact a very emerging game nowadays and the exciting thing about this game is you can play with friends. The theme of the game is to have full authority over the zombie and your job is to finish them out. In the Zombie Catchers game the roles are reversed and zombies are afraid of humans. You can play alone and ask your buddies to join the game.

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