Smart Launcher APK (Version 6)


The Smart Launcher gives you full access to your mobile device with prominent themes and easy-to-handle apps. You can collect each and every notification at a single place
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11 Feb
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Smart Launcher 6 APK

The mobile launcher makes the life of a mobile user very easy due to the customization and valuable offers. In the present digital world, simultaneous apps claim to be a launcher, but nothing can beat the level of smart launcher 6 apk. The productivity level increases when the user tends to have an app that helps you redesign the overall layout of your device.

The latest version of the smart launcher 6 apk is ready to download with just tapping your finger. Why stay demotivated by seeing only a single icon style on your mobile phone. The smart launcher android app is beneficial because one of the features allows the user to revamp the style and theme of their android devices.

Why should you install smart launcher 6 apk?

The smart launcher is superior to the other unfamiliar launcher apps due to its ease of use and gives more accessible customization options. Mobile phone users love to have a clean and styled theme. One becomes bored of the causal music, and with the help of intelligent launcher 6, you can quickly redesign and reshape your mobile screen.

Smart Launcher 6 apk

Features of Smart Launcher 6 APK


The novel feature of the smart launcher 6 download apk allows user to design their phones as they wish. Mainly, the promising feature ensures seamless mobile and user work and feels comforting. With simple control, you can have complete mastery over your mobile apps and clean up the memory. Are you looking eye-pleasing pleasing look on your phone? The smart launcher is one of the favorite android programs because of its ease to use and brilliant features.

Styled themes

The worldwide success and popularity of the smart launcher 6 apk are due to thousands of themes built for users of varied tastes. If you are a tech geek, you can choose more than 10000+ themes of your own choice. The women can rebrand their mobile devices, and with the styled themes suiting your personality, you can cherish them easily.

One-Tap Operation

Mobile users tend to use all the available features of the smart launcher 6 android apps. The smart launcher 6 is perfect because it is straightforward in handling. You can download thousands of wallpapers with just a tap of your finger. The layout is beautiful and elegantly designed. The elderly can also make full use of the app without fear of losing their data.

Customize the launcher APP

The scarce thing in the smart launcher app is you can design the layout of the launcher itself. Many apps are there serving the purpose of the launcher, but users get bored with their app’s overall look. The new design customized control and fully fledge features in the smart launcher apk allow users to frequently visit the intelligent launcher 6 apk.

Smart Search Option

The smart launcher 6 apk is majorly impacting due to the smart search option. The usual way to retain the user’s trust is to present available options. If you want to change the styling of icons with a single touch, you can search and make your mobile device look stunning. If you’re going to add various shortcuts for most-used apps, why wait for some magic with the smart launcher 6 app? You can surprisingly do that.


Many tech writers have written about the popularity of the ultra-immersive mode that helps remove the taskbar. The most favorite feature of the intelligent launcher apk is to get shortcuts of the most used apps. You can create various hotkeys and smoothly use your mobile app. If you want to learn music FL Studio Mobile APK is your app.

Automatic Category creation

The powerful app automatically sorts the like-minded apps in a single place, which helps improve the level of productivity among mobile users.

Google Assistant

Do you love to operate your mobile with voice commands? The smart launcher 6 is a perfect app for a fully customized mobile function and layout. But you can also use google assistant for easy operation of the smart launcher 6 app.

Cool Widgets

Suppose you love the widgets in android apps. Your level of happiness will be doubled with the smart launcher 6 in your mobile phone. In general, many mobile phones have some cool features, but nothing can beat the mobile launcher application’s euphoria and easiness. The user can have some cool widgets and complete control of the mobile with just a single app.


Some users don’t want to share their data with big organizations, and with the exceptional feature of the smart launcher 6 apk, your data is safer. The apps and website track your personal information, even your voice conversation, buy behavior, and show ads related to your interests. An ordinary individual is now aware of its right and wants to protect privacy. The smart launcher 6 is relatively better than many other apps in similar categories due to security and privacy. You can easily control which app has microphone access or which app can track your daily movement with the help of your location. Now you can feel safer and pretty comfortable.


If you want to get notifications from various apps in a single place, the smart launcher 6 solves your problem. You don’t want to miss a single update from your buddies or colleagues, either you or gamer or office manager. The smart launcher is a fully customized app specifically built to have your frequently used apps in a single place. Now you don’t have to check each app for new updates, or you can check out Facebook status updates and new WhatsApp messages in a single place.

App protections

The smart launcher 6 has grown its fan base due to valid reasons. Phone security is our priority, and some ill intentions people upload apps with a virus that damages your phone. If you try to install the app from some unknown publisher, it will notify you and block the file from installation. Thus your phone is free of malware and other sorted attacks. If you want to keep your data private and don’t want to share your personal information with others, you can on the password protection option. The apps will now be accessed by those who have access to the password, and your apps, as well as data, are protected.

Useful Apps

There are many useful apps in the smart launcher android app, and with these apps, you can perform various everyday tasks. If you want to read a pdf copy, you can download a pdf reader from the smart launcher 6 apk, and the app will have many fantastic features that will indeed be got your praise.

How to download the smart launcher apk?

The download step is straightforward. Just tap on the big download button on the top right corner of the website. Wait for some time, and then the file will start downloading automatically.

How to install the smart launcher apk?

First, download the smart launcher 6 apk from the download link.

Open the app on your mobile phone.

Your phone security button seeks your permission, and when you allow, your app starts installing.

Wait for the completion of the installation.

When the installation of the intelligent launcher finishes, then open the app and customize your mobile according to your requirements

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