How To Autotune In FL Studio Mobile?

Autotune In FL Studio

Autotuning is one of the common practices of musicians nowadays. If you are a professional music producer then you might be familiar with autotune which is a process of using software and music programs to manage the pitch of the sound. If you want to autotune on an Android device we have a music lover’s favorite app named FL Studio APK that is not only a game changer but solves your everyday work in less time. You might be searching method of How To Autotune In FL Studio Mobile don’t worry just follow the basic steps and you are good to go in creating your final vocal draft before releasing your album.

You have to use the pitch corrections in the FL Studio to make minor adjustments to your audio track. When you record your new music creation start playing your instrument from the FL Studio Mobile and use the microphone of your device or use another external one to do the vocals. You can in fact use the pitch correction settings in the FL Studio by tapping on Pitch Shift and Pitch Correction. For the purpose of autotuning, you have to pick any key and scale of your song so that the app works perfectly.

You can adjust the Correction amount according to your demand and apply the effects

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