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Banana Kong APK V (Download)

This webpage is about the Download Link of Banana Kong APK an arcade-style game users must play for fun and entertainment. The game is really very popular among the masses due to its unique storyline and fine graphics
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Banana Kong APK

The banana kong apk is one of the adventurous and arcade-style android games available to download for game lovers. The game’s storyline is pretty straightforward as the main character is a kong cruising through the jungle to eat bananas and score points.  You will certainly enjoy the game right after installing it on your mobile phone. The gorilla has to face many challenges when the game starts, and you will enjoy every moment of gameplay of banana kong.

You can play the game with simple touch controls without fearing getting knocked out in the round. The gorilla can eat bananas and score points, and exciting rewards are here for the gamers who play the game frequently. You can eat as many bananas as you wish, and it may help reward multiple objects.

Banana Kong APK

Features of Banana Kong APK


The storyline of the banana kong game is impressive and exciting. The elegant and cute-looking gorilla has to move in a simultaneous direction to avoid the sudden attack of the banana. You can move the kong to the other side of the jungle by jumping on trees and running on the path and might face challenges. Although many different options are here for the kong lovers to avoid the bananas as it seems to be tempting.

Ride Animals

You can avoid the attack of bananas by riding on other animals and scoring as many points as you can. Many other animals are here for the kong lovers to ride on and save from the storm of a pile of bananas.  The kong character must rush to avoid the sudden attack because the banans are getting bigger and faster and trying to run over the tiny kong. The only way to prevent the onslaught of bananas is to move fastly, and the best way is to ride on fast-running animals.

Top Quality Graphics

The top-quality graphics in the banana kong game make everyone its fan. The fantastic display of the natural world jungle, OK storyline, appealing colour scheme and

Easy to play

The game is straightforward to play, has no hectic storyline, and no tricky options are available for the new gamers. A simple tap on the mobile screen, and your journey starts with each moment the game gets more exciting.

Play fiercely

You can play fiercely in the game and score runs more than your friends and colleagues. The option is to get rid of chasing bananas that might crush you, and the version of banana kong is a trustworthy app to have on your android phones. If you love to watch football games the exciting news is that you can now catch every moment of the game live on the Futemax APK version 9.8

Eat the banans

The excellent player must eat the bananas in the game to get many points and then get renewed and win exciting prizes. You can check more about the game Bus Simulator on our latest post named Bus Simulator APK.

Attach your Facebook Account

You can attach the Facebook account with the banana kong game and invite all your friends to play the game. The Facebook integration option lets you invite all of your friends and compete with those who score more runs. The gameplay of the banana kong is very impressive. With just a simple tap of the thumb, you can move the adorable gorilla into the wild forest with many bananas coming toward it.

Amazing storyline

The game’s storyline is not only fun, but it is popular among the audience because of the famous character. The game not only gives joy to the people playing it but apparently, none can match the class of the game. The latest version of the game is available on our website, and users can easily download it by clicking on the download button.

Fun To play

If you are getting bored or don’t have any recommendations to do on a Saturday night best thing is to play the banana kong game on your mobile device. The game is entertaining to play because of its fantastic storyline and great display. You can easily play the game on your android mobiles, tablets, iPhones, or iPods and require nothing to purchase. Another thing we are proud to announce is that the worldwide famous jetbox apk is available to download on our website

One-Touch control

The one-touch control in the banana kong android game is one of the cool features everyone admires. You can play the game as straightforward as it seems with the thumb of your hand and cruise through the jungle, and avoid the attack of a pile of bananas. Many gamers admire the game’s simple controls as it is one of the few one-touch control games.

Cool Animation

The animation of the game is very pleasing to the human eye. The bananas kong game has multiple downloads from the google play store, with only a few users unaware of the game’s true potential. If you play the game for the very first time, you will surely be a fan of the tiny kong with all the exciting moves you have

Works on all platforms

The banana kong game works on all the platforms without any error. If you have recently switched from android to ios, you can still play the game on your Apple products without any charge because it is a free-of-cost game. Many users ask about the working of banana kong on the windows phone, and it works perfectly on all devices. If you worry about your device’s compatibility with the best gorilla game, the answer is more straightforward: it works fine on all devices, and you can play it on your laptop too.

Become King of Jungle

You can become the king of the jungle by simply tapping on the mobile screen and moving the gorilla through various obstacles. The game is not merely running as many challenges are in your way with each. The game is very popular worldwide and has been downloaded by 4 million users across the globe

Score Bonus Points by Eating Bananas

If you eat bananas in your way, you will be amazed by the opportunity to get exciting rewards and score runs. Although many other games are here for action-packed users, none matched the level and greatness of the banana kong apk. Are you looking for the best way to score runs in the banana kong game? Eat all the bananas present in your way, and you will ideally be a top gamer in your community.

How to Download the Game

Click on the Download Button

Wait for 10 seconds

The game starts automatically

Ask Questions if you have any

How to install the game?

Open the downloaded file on your android phones

Allow the game to install on your mobile

Wait for the completion of the installation

The game will be ready to play after 100% installation

Final Thoughts

The banana kong apk is a very fantastic game with an interactive storyline and excellent graphics. Whenever you feel gloomy or want to have entertainment, the game is convenient for you. It would help if you gave a try to the popular arcade-style game on mobile.

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