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The call bomber app is for doing harmless pranks on your friends by doing fake calls and fake SMS. The app is getting the praise of the public due to harmless pranks and very responsive apps.
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Call Bomber APK

Pranking friends is one of the fun and exciting parts of growing up. We all have pranked our friends and other colleagues with some crazy thing. The call bomber apk is one such app where you can have some fun while pranking with your buddies. If you want to have some laughs during your college times then you should try out the call bomber app. The actual functioning of the call bomber android app is to flood calling numbers with simultaneous missed calls. The free missed calls will definitely annoy the user and unable to pick up a call every time the phone bell rings.

Android phones are just like magic and you can’t imagine the different types of apps available. The call bomber apk is such of these apps where you can be a prankster for some time and definitely annoy your friend. The call bomber is not a mere continuous calling app but you can send unlimited SMS to any particular number at once. If you want to wish your buddy his sports success you can try the call bomber app. You can send congratulations buddy for thousand times and your friend will receive it without any hassle. 

call bomber apk

Features of Call Bomber APK

Easy to use

Call bomber app is quite easy to use and after installing it on your android device you can do some little pranks with your besties. The app requires you to write the number of receiving person and you need to click on the Start Boomas and the receiver will receive thousands of SMS at once. The app is so simple and so easier that even the elderly and kids can use it and have fun. If you are looking for fun game we have zombie catcher apk. The zombie catcher game is quite fascinating and a treat to play.


The apps with little or no updates do not get the attention of the public and lead to failure in the eyes of the public. It will be disastrous to launch an app and then have no update after it and this makes the whole launch just like a joke. On contrary, the SMS bomber apk AKA call bomber apk is updated regularly. The bugs are fixed and then the newer versions is launched for better usage. 


Many apps are present in the market claiming fake calls and fake SMS but after installing you will only regret it. The failure of prank call apps is due to their non-responsiveness or taking too much time to serve the purpose. But in the case of the call bomber app, you will definitely be surprised about the app’s functioning as it is very responsive as well as quite fast. You don’t have to wait for hours to initiate prank calls to your teachers or colleagues for fun.

User Interface

The user interface is among many features that are praised about the SMS bomber app. The navigation through the app is very smooth and you don’t require to bother around different sections of the app. The app is designed so elegantly that every user applauds the layout and user interface. If you have a desire about sending hundreds of text messages you just need to type a number and the text message and purpose will be served automatically.

Free to use

If you are looking for some fun and you can flood the inbox of your friend with annoying texts or simply use the call bomber apk. The call bomber is fake calls and fake SMS service android app and it is totally free of cost. The app is quite popular among the public and it is definitely very in demand among teens and students. You won’t be charged a dime by using the call bomber apk and thus have some sort of fun or entertainment.


The idea behind the SMS bomber app is quite novel and innovative. If you want to call a person multiple times you need to do it manually. The developer of call bomber did a spectacular thing in making this app and in return, the ideas sell like crazy. The popularity of the SMS bomber apk is well established by thousands of numbers of downloads from the app store. 


The size of the call bomber is one of the promising things that stands out from the competing apps. The size of an SMS bomber is very little and it doesn’t consume your phone memory. Thus if you want to install the call bomber apk, don’t worry you need not uninstall the present apps as their size is comparably low.

Multiple Languages

The call bomber app has more than 15 languages available to choose and if you don’t want English as the default language of the app you can change it from other popular languages. The support of multiple languages not only increases the worth of the app but makes it more popular among the public images.

How to download the app?

Click on the download button.

Wait for some seconds.

Now download starts automatically on your mobile device

How to install the app?

Open the download file.

Allow the phone security option for the installation of the app.

Wait for 100% completion of the download.

The app is ready to tease your friend.

Final Thoughts

Prank calls are not new and people are doing this since the emergence of the telephone. With the advent of mobile phones prank, SMS are very common. Teens and students have a tendency to send prank calls and SMS or have voice changers on phones. If you want to send prank calls or SMS to any mobile number you can use the call bomber apk and have fun.

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